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We can obtain a large selection of items beyond the current inventory depicted on our website.  With our years of experience, we know not only where to find the items you want, but how to get the highest quality items at the best possible prices.  We have personal connections to nearly every major dealer, auction house, collector, and authenticator.  While sports memorabilia is our primary focus, we have contacts across all areas of collectibles and can find whatever is at the top of your want list.


We are collectors ourselves.  We know the thrill of finding a great piece that you have been looking for, or maybe never even knew existed.  We know you want the best, so we will work ourselves to the bone to find those perfect items for you and will get you pieces that no one else has.


Contact Gold Standard Collectibles today to request an item or let us know your collecting interests.



Phone (toll-free):  (877) GSC-1001 or (877) 472-1001